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Extended Warranty


All extended warranties available for purchase on are offered through CONSUMER PRIORITY SERVICE -

Terms and Conditions

Worldwide Extended Service Protection Plan

This Plan applies exclusively to the item(s) indicated on the original bill of sale that is

specified to be warrantable and covered under this Plan.

The term 'Administrator' is used to represent Consumer Priority Service through this article


The Administrator agrees with the purchaser of the product(s) and this Plan (OWNER), to cover manufacturer’s defects in materials and workmanship that are the result of normal usage for a period specified on your membership card, subject to a maximum coverage period of five (5) years after the manufacturer warranty has ended. The Plan covers eligible products purchased as new and re-manufactured, which at the time of purchase included a valid Manufacturer’s original written warranty providing minimum coverage of ninety (90) days parts and ninety (90) days labor. The Plan begins on the expiry date of the Manufacturer’s Warranty and is between ADMINISTRATOR and the OWNER. This Plan pays for parts and labor for functional parts. Functional parts are those component parts that are critical to the performance of the product’s essential function. Nonfunctional parts are those parts that are not critical, knobs, handles or cosmetic parts. ADMINISTRATOR will repair or replace the unit or any parts thereof, as required, subject to these terms and conditions. ADMINISTRATOR is not obligated to renew your Plan, however, if renewal coverage is offered, the price quoted will reflect current service costs and the age of the product. For replacement/exchange plans, we will either replace the Covered Product or settle the claim monetarily. Consumer Priority Service offers an international option on all carry-in service plans.


This plan must be registered properly within 30 days of you invoice date. To register your plan, visit and click the “Register Your Plan” button. Failure to properly register this plan may restrict or eliminate full coverage benefits under this plan.

To Arrange for Service:

Prior approval from Consumer Priority Service is required prior to the start of service. To initiate

a claim please logon to and click the “Make A Claim” link.

General Conditions:

Along with the wording of original equipment manufacturer’s warranty, the following terms and conditions will apply:

a. This Plan does not cover failure as a result of: normal wear and tear, misuse, abuse, rust or corrosion, spilled liquids or foreign objects found inside the equipment; repair of damage or food loss caused by accident, theft, fire, flood, external causes such as, but not limited to, blown fuses, inadequate electrical power, water and gas lines beyond the equipment, plugged drains, normal wear and tear, or any use of the product not authorized by the manufacturer.

b. The maximum liability of this Plan for product replacement or repair shall not exceed the original purchase price for the product.

c. ADMINISTRATOR reserves the right to repair or replace the covered product with a comparable feature model of like kind and quality. Product replacement under this Plan will fulfill this agreement in its entirety and will discharge all further obligations under this Plan and the Plan shall terminate.

d. This Plan does not cover deterioration of the appearance of the product, any cosmetic part or finish defects such as paint, porcelain, glass or plastic, dents, scratches, chips, breakage, loss, rust or peeling.

e. Plan coverage is provided for authorized products only.

f. Any damage resulting from unauthorized replacement parts, improper service or modifications made to the covered product are not covered by this Plan.

g. If no defect is found (no fault found) or repairs are denied based on the terms and conditions of the Plan, the Plan owner will be responsible for all costs incurred.

h. Replacement of batteries, light bulbs, fuses, filters, print ribbons, print heads including nonremovable print heads, toner cartridges, drums or any other products with a pre-determined life expectancy are excluded.

i. Charges incurred for the following items are not covered by this Plan: set up or installation, reformatting of hard drives and diskettes, system and software configuration or data recovery.

j. Any loss occurring during the manufacturer’s Plan is excluded and any loss due to failure to follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance, specifications or operating instructions during the term of this Plan is excluded.

k. ADMINISTRATOR and the Federally Licensed Insurance Company are released from all liability due to indirect, consequential or incidental damages.

l. Any loss resulting from collision with another object or any damage while the product is in transit is excluded.

m. Any costs and damage related to installation and/or re-installation of products are not covered under this Plan except for costs related to installation and/or re-installation of car audio products.

n. Upon approval by ADMINISTRATOR, this Plan is transferable; to a subsequent owner, or a new product.

o. The Plan owner may cancel this Plan at any time for any reason within thirty (30) days of the original purchase date of the Plan and receive a full refund. ADMINISTRATOR may cancel this Plan for reasons, including but not limited to, misuse of the product, unauthorized modifications to the product or commercial use of the product. In the event of cancellation by ADMINISTRATOR (except for non-payment), ADMINISTRATOR will provide the Plan owner with a pro-rata refund.

p. Any loss resulting from manufacturer’s recall or rework, regardless of the manufacturer’s ability to pay for such repairs, is excluded.

q. If service under the Plan is provided on-site at your location, a person who has reached the legal age of majority must be present at all times during the service call. Such on-site service will only be offered if your location is within the authorized service area of an approved provider. In the case where a product falls outside of this designated radius, it will be the responsibility of the Plan owner to arrange for transportation of the Covered Product to an authorized service center at his or her own cost.

r. In the event that a covered product is damaged by lightning or a power surge, coverage under this Plan will apply, excluding software or data, provided proof that an approved power surge protector was in use at the time of damage and any additional conditions included herein.


a. This Plan does not cover charges incurred relating to system and software configuration or data recovery.

b. We will make every attempt during the troubleshooting process to confirm whether the problem is related to hardware or software failure.

c. If after service is performed, it is determined that the cause of the problem was software related including, but not limited to, software errors resulting from improperly functioning or defective software, computer viruses, or any problems related to customized or proprietary software, computer games, peripheral equipment, internet access, or USB devices, You will be responsible for all costs incurred.

d. This Plan provides pixel coverage for video display products based on the manufacturer’s but excludes all incidents of burn in regardless of manufacturer coverage.

e. Should parts no longer be available for a Covered Product, ADMINISTRATOR shall be excused from performance under this Plan and will refund the consumer the cost of the Plan.

f. “No Lemon” Policy – While covered under this Plan and after the product requires covered service on three (3) separate occasions for the same component and this product requires a fourth repair, as determined by our authorized service center ADMINISTRATOR will replace the product with a product of comparable performance, the value of which may not exceed the original purchase price. Authorized service repair receipts from three (3) separate repair incidents must be sent to ADMINISTRATOR in order to qualify for replacement. Product failures must be covered by the terms and conditions of this Plan. Replacement terms in General Conditions (c) apply.

g. In the event of mechanical failure of a freezer covered by the terms and conditions of this Plan, which causes spoilage of frozen foods, ADMINISTRATOR will refund the amount of the actual loss to a maximum of $250.00 during the term of this Plan.

h. If you have purchased exchange coverage, which is specified, on your bill of sale your product will be replaced if the failure is covered by the Plan’s terms and conditions. Replacement terms in General Conditions (c) apply.

Plan Options:

a. If this is a Lamp Replacement Plan, Consumer Priority Service shall arrange for the replacement of the Covered Product. If the replacement cost of your bulb exceeds the maximum coverage allowed under this plan, you shall receive a monetary settlement for the maximum coverage amount. Coverage for this Plan shall begin on the Date of Purchase of the Covered Product.

b. If you have added Accidental Coverage to your plan, as indicated on your Membership Card as well as your Online Account, This Plan shall cover unintentional damages as a result of: impact or dropping, liquid damage, unintentional physical damage. Accidental Coverage does not cover intentional damages of any kind to the Covered Product or losses due to theft. Coverage for this Plan shall begin on the Date of Purchase of the Covered Product.

c. If you have added Commercial coverage to your plan, as indicated on your Membership Card as well as your Online Account, This Plan shall remain in effect for the Covered Product despite use in a Commercial Environment for the duration of the plan. Coverage for this Plan shall begin on the Date of Purchase of the Covered Product.

d. If you have added On-Site Coverage to your plan, as indicated on your Membership Card as well as your Online Account, This Plan shall include service to be performed in the Owners home or office if the Covered Product has a retail value over $1,000.00 and weighs more than 50 lbs. If the Covered Product costs less than $1000.00 or weights less than 50 lbs, Consumer Priority Service shall cover all costs related to shipping the Covered product to and from the authorized service center. Coverage for this Plan shall begin on the Date of Purchase of the Covered Product.

e. If you have added Instant Settlement to your plan, as indicated on your Membership Card as well as your Online Account, This Plan shall include Settlement within 24 hours of claim approval. Consumer Priority Service shall immediately furnish a check equal to the original purchase price of the Covered Item. Consumer Priority Service shall also pay for overnight transport of the check to the Owners address on file. Owner will be responsible to ship the Covered Product back to Consumer Priority Service. If within 30 days of Claim Settlement the Covered product has not been received Consumer Priority Service, charges in the amount of the Claim Settlement will be applied to Owner’s credit card on file. Coverage for this Plan shall begin on the Date of Purchase of the Covered Product.

Transfer of Plan

You may transfer your service contract to a new owner of the covered product by emailing notice of transfer to You must provide Consumer Priority Service the Serial number, proof of purchase of the service contract, the name, address, telephone number and email address of the new owner. A transfer fee of $25.00 will apply.

Worldwide Plans

Consumer Priority Service offers an international option on all service plans.


Our liability is limited to the original price of the covered equipment. This agreement will be terminated at the point total repair costs reach the lower of the original purchase price as indicated on your bill of sale or the current fair market value of the covered item.


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