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Vacuum Cleaners

Purchasing a Vacuum


Consider the following when shopping for a vacuum:

If you have many different flooring types in your home, shop for a vacuum that can accommodate them all. A vacuum with a hard floor tool, for example, will be ideal for cleaning surfaces like tiles and hard wood.

If you or anyone in your house suffer from asthma or allergies, be sure to shop for a vacuum with an HEPA filter and powerful suction.

Shop for a vacuum that matches your need. If you suffer from lower back pain, for example, you may find that upright vacuum cleaners will be more comfortable to use.

It is important to consider features such as capacity and, in the case of cordless vacuums, battery life. Those with larger homes will benefit from more of both.

Why Two Vacuums May Be Better Than One

Vacuum cleaners are great for large floor spaces. They provide powerful cleaning throughout the home and remove most debris with ease. However, when you have unexpected spills or awkward surfaces like a stairwell, furniture or automobiles, you may want to consider supplementing your vacuum cleaner with an additional handheld or handstick.

The versatility of handheld and handsticks are perfect for quick cleaning, and difficult to reach places. The cordless design of handhelds and handsticks also allows you to be more mobile around your home. Discover our array of options online today and give your home the impeccable feel with the complete cleaning.


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