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Purchasing a TV

Whilst many constraints are likely to be budgetary, there are still a number of other practical considerations to bear in mind when purchasing a TV:


How big is your living or media room? In general terms, the larger the TV the further away a user has to sit from the screen to enjoy optimal picture.

Are you a cinephile, obsessive about your favourite show or a sports fan? If TV plays a big part in how you unwind, you might want to consider the latest, high-spec TVs.

How do you use your TV? If you use your TV to review photography or design work, for example, you might want to consider high resolution 4K UHD TVs.

Do you stream movies or connect via apps like Skype? Smart TVs provide access to a variety of online content. Not all Smart TVs offer the same online services, however, so check to see if the ones you use are available.

Do you have, or are you prepared to invest in, the accompanying audio equipment that will maximise the potential of a high-end TV?

Do you use your TV for gaming? If so, you may want to consider a TV with high resolution and powerful processors to ensure you enjoy the best gaming experience.


Ultra HD TV


4K UHD TVs deliver picture resolution four times greater than that of Full HD TVs. Alongside lifelike picture quality and vibrant colour reproduction, most UHD TVs also boast a number of Smart features and high connectivity.


UHD resolution, 3840×2160, produces stunning detail, clarity and texture so you will see more of your favourite media than ever before.

4K upscaling technology means that normal broadcast television and media playback from standard definition sources like DVDs appear on screen with greater depth and clarity.

Although larger screens are best enjoyed from a distance of around 1.5 times the screen’s height, 4K UHD TV’s higher pixel density means users can get closer to the screen without the grid-like structure of the image becoming visible as it would on HD TVs.


Smart TV

A Smart TV connects to the Internet, allowing users to view online content directly through their television.*


Smart TVs often feature a built-in web browser so you can surf the Internet. Certain models include the Android OS and Google Chrome, enabling users to enjoy the best online content through a familiar interface.

Smart TVs allow users to stream content directly to their TV. Apps such as Netflix and TV catch up services mean users can enjoy a vast catalogue of shows and films at the touch of a button.

Apps like Skype mean users can connect with loved ones over video chat on their television screen. Social media apps such as Facebook provide more ways to engage with friends and family around the world.

(Internet connection and certain subscriptions required.)



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