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Eco Tech Advanced Reptile Amphibian Invert Thermostat Dual Control EGT43

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Eco Tech Advanced Reptile Amphibian Invert Thermostat Dual Control Digital EGT43

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The Eco Tech Advanced Reptile Thermostat (EGT43) controls the temperature and lighting in reptile, amphibian and invertebrate enclosures. The dual control allows you to precisely control heat elements and lighting separately. 


External heat sensor with 1.5m cable

On/Off style thermostat

Separate timer for lighting, misting or ventilation system

Alarm function to alert discrepancies in temperature

Current temperature displayed

Capable of controlling heaters/lighting up to 1200w

Recommended for most forms of reptile heating and lighting including heat globes, UV coils and tubes, heat mats, heat cables, heat rocks and ceramic heat emitters


Controls heating devices up to 1200watts

Includes timer capable of controlling lighting or ventilation fans. 

Alarm function for Temperature difference (between 1 - 5C) 

Measured Temperature is displayed. 

1.5m Cable



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