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CouplerTec 4WD Heavy Duty System 4 Pad Electronic Rustproofing

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CouplerTec 4WD Heavy Duty System 4 Pad Electronic Rustproofing

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This system is best suited for vehicles with FREQUENT encounters with highly corrosive environments. (*Weekend Use) 

CouplerTec from Australia is an effective electronic system for professional protection against rust for all cars or trucks which are exposed to corrosive environment

Benifits of rustproofing your vehicle: 

10 Year Corrosion Warranty - CouplerTec's Corrosion Warranty is applicable for a period of up to Ten (10) years from the dat of the vehicle's manufacture and is also conditional upon no pre-existing rust or corrosion damage and no indication of any impending rust damage or evidence therof.

Greater Vehicle Re-Sale Value - As a result of your motor vehicle being protected from rust and having NO RUST, your vehicle's resale value is likely to be greatly enhanced. In addition, the CouplerTec system itself adds value and the fact that the system's life is indefinite, ensures the increased prospecst of greater vehicle resale value.

Reduce Vehicle Maintenance Costs - The addition of a CouplerTec system to your vehicle will help prolong the life of your vehicle's components. Paintwork will remain shiny and looking like new for longer. As a result of the vehicle's constantly active rust proofing system working and protecting the vehicle, no rust and corrosion is enabled to "take hold".

Easy to Install & Easily Transferable - CouplerTec Systems are easy to install and come complete with fitting instructions as well as online video instructions for those who may wish to self-install. The CouplerTec systems are also easily transferred from one vehicle to another, and the system's life is indefinite, the electronics are solid state (no moving parts) and the electronic board is totally encapsulated in an epoxy resin that makes it completely sealed.

Stops Rust Spreading - CouplerTec Systems prevents rust damage from spreading on stone chips and scratches! Research has determined that the addition of a CouplerTec system to a vehicle will ensure that small paint chips and scratches will not spread. There is also anecdotal evidence to suggest that the technology ensures the vehicle's paintwork and lustre is kept looking like new for longer.

Protects Old & New Vehicles Inside and Out - CouplerTec technology works in the same way on vehicles old and new ensuring that all areas of the vehicle are protected inside and out.

Environmentally Friendly - Unlike toxic, and potentially harmful conventional sprays and coatings that need to be reapplied on a regular basis, a CouplerTec system is a once only investment.








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