Hidden Google Pixel Features You Don't Know

The new Pixel phone is stuffed with some impressive features. The camera is remarkable offering detailed photos. It also comes with a virtual assistant tool which is actually useful. The Pixel has some not so obvious features worth exploring.

The Complete Mobile Buying Guide - Think of Us

With a number of high-quality options for those on a budget, choosing the right smartphone has never been more challenging. Think of Us smartphone buying guide covers everything you need to know before you buy. Use this advice to make sure you get the best smartphone according to your needs and budget.

All You Need To Know About Meizu M6

Meizu smartphones are value for money and offer better specifications than the mid-range phone from the established brands such as LG, Oppo, Samsung, etc.

Meizu Pro 7 Plus Review

The Meizu Pro 7 Plus promises a splendid experience with an added bonus : a secondary rear-facing display. This latest flagship introduces this feature which we have not seen in a smartphone before.

The best Android tablets of April

Planning to buy a tablet? Buy high performing tablets online from Think of Us along with exciting offers and discounts. Here are the best Android tablets listed by Think of Us -

Air Power - All About the wireless charging pad

Air Power and Apple’s new iPhones identify the company’s dive into the wireless charging and its adoption of the Qi standard. The wireless charging has been built in the phones for years but the two competing standards, Qi and Powermat have slowed the innovation.

All the new emojis Apple wants to put on your phone!

Apple has recently proposed new emojis in a pitch to the Unicode Consortium, the group which officially certifies the new emojis for iPhones, Android and other computers.

How to protect your brand new phone?

With new phones launching every now and then, you may be looking for a new smartphone. While you are getting your shop on, here are few suggestions for accessories by Think of Us that will up your game and protect your phone.

Is the new Nokia 9 taken a disappointing decision? Read here!

After the release of the slate of Android-powered Nokia phones at the Mobile World Congress, HMD Global has left a significant gap, a gap which means that everyone can see Nokia 9 is coming. Talking of all the suspected details and leaks of the upcoming handset, a number of concepts have been rendered.

5 benefits of Augmented Reality in smartphones!

The smart mobile devices will be widely adopted by customers along all the segments and new technologies will emerge amongst the Android and Apple smartphones. The tablets, however will allow to be used them as an augmented reality device. The development has already begun to be seen as the digital compasses spread through the market.

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