How to find the best smartphone in your budget?

Smartphones today are complete units of multitasking, capable of handling your work effectively and with ease as well as providing entertainment on the go. It is a leading device keeping people connected all over the world.

5 ways to protect your smartphone!

Mobile malware is on rise. Our phones are an indispendable part of our lives. We depend on it for everything – taking pictures, posting photos, texting, emailing, reading reviews, etc. With all this information floating around, it is very important to protect your device.

Virtual Reality and Its Usage in different sectors

‘Virtual Reality’ basically means ‘near-reality’. It is a computer generated simulation of a three dimensional environment that can be interacted with a real or physical way by a person electronic equipments.

How to add wireless charging to any phone?

The term 'wireless charging' is buzzing in the news nowadays but wireless charging means different things to different people. When people may refer to wireless charging, they are generally referring to inductive charging one similar to the technology that the Apple Watch uses.

Top 5 smartphones of 2017!!

When it comes to the premium segment, the iPhone 7 tops the charts currently. The tech giant recently rolled out the red colour variants of both 7 and 7 Plus. However, the 7 Plus offers a 5.5 inch retina HD display powered by A10 fusion CPU, known as the best ever CPU to feature in the smartphone.

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