5 smartphones that are neither Apple nor Samsung. Have a look!

Apple and Samsung may be known to rule the global smartphone market, but that does not mean they are the only brands offering quality devices. If you want a smartphone which does not belong to one of the big two suppliers, Think of Us has compiled a list of the top smartphones to consider -

Samsung Galaxy S9 Review

The Samsung Galaxy S9 may not look like much of an upgrade as it is very similar in design to the Galaxy S8 fom last year. However, it was an excellent handset and Samsung has decided to stick with the design this year putting its efforts in making the phone sturdier, faster and more useful day to day.

Six automated smartphone commands you should try!

Your phone is supposed to make life easier. You can increase the convenience by automating some of the ways you use it. With six new automated commands, you get to spend more time on stuff that really matters.

Wants to Factory Set Android? Here's how!

A factory rest is the best way to get your smartphone back to the original condition. Here’s how to reset Android. If you are selling or giving away your old Android phone or tablet, infer some malware is at play or just simply want to boost the performance to the original condition then a factory reset is the best option.

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