Leaks reveals problems with Samsung Galaxy S8

We are looking forward to the Samsung Galaxy S8 & we already know it’s going to be one of the best smartphones in 2017. However, there are some deal breakers that have surfaced the web. 

How to fix your voice search problems with your gear VR

Browsing the web in VR is really interesting. Samsung has made it quite easy with its Samsung Internet app for gear VR. The key part of this gear VR is the voice search. However, you may face some interruptions in this feature due to other apps on the phone. But, worry not; there is an easy way to deal with it. 

Gmail to Block Javascript Attachments From February

Due to the widespread phishing scam, Gmail decided to block JavaScript (.js) file attachments. This news was announced on January 25, 2017 through its G-suit updates blog. The blocking of such files will start taking place from 13 February 2017. 

Microsoft enhancing Windows 10

Microsoft has been working on a new feature for Windows 10.  The brand new “Game Mode” feature will enhance the PC gaming experience.  All the other resources used by running apps will be minimized. The freed up resources will then be utilized by the game to make it run faster, better, & smoother. 

Our Favourite Phone Accessories from CES 2017


CES is a global consumer electronics & consumer technology tradeshow. Along with the important product announcements & excitements surrounding the latest big name gadgets, there are other exciting things as well that is discovered there. The accessory halls are one of our favorites. 

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