Turn your old android phone into a brand new gadget

Got an old Android phone lying around that you are not using anymore? Well, now you can use your old Android phone as a new gadget. Here are a few cool things that you can do to your Android phone with the right apps.

Google's Allo Chat App is finally coming to the desktop

Google’s Allo chat was just limited to the Smartphone screens but now it is finally going to come to the desktop as well. Google Allo was developed by Google & was launched on September 21st, 2016. The App was available on Android & iOS. Google Allo included a virtual assistant & provides a “smart reply” functionality that allows the users to reply to the messages with automatic suggestions instead of typing.

5 Features coming soon to Microsoft Edge

Microsoft is all ready to update Edge. According to the speculations surfacing the Internet, Microsoft has been using a preview build of Windows 10 & the next update to Microsoft OS, dubbed Windows 10 creator’s update, will include the new Edge.

MWC: 2017- The Biggest Launches

Mobile world congress (MWC) is easily the mobile phone showcase of the year. The latest mobile phones, trends, & gadgets come into the spotlight. LG, Nokia, Blackberry, Lenovo, & Samsung all had a great digital show.

Mushroom 11 Finally Releases on Phone

For long we have been waiting for the Mushroom 11 to hit the smartphone screens. The game is no doubt perfect for the touch screens. Now, the game is ready to be released on 9 March 2017 on iOS.

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